Christmas Wish List 2013

by Paul Mathers

Every year my mother asks me to make a Christmas wish list (because one can only buy so much Teavana Earl Grey Cremé I suppose. Although the correct answer is “that never gets old”). Every year I oblige the wish of she who brought me into this world by posting it on my blog. 


1. The English Bible by Norton Critical Editions– I will own a copy of this one way or another. The Norton Critical Editions are of excellent scholarly quality, yet highly readable. They have now tackled the Bible. It seems like every year there is a book out tailored to me specifically and I think this may be the one for this year.


2. Shakespeare and plenty of it- Laurie and I were commenting the other day on how for a Shakespeare guy, I own very few filmed productions of Shakespeare’s works. Here is my wishlist: Patrick Stewart’s Macbeth probably tops my life. I’ve heard nothing but good about the recent Much Ado About Nothing (indeed, I have heard much ado about it). Dr. Who’s Hamlet is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on film. I am very keen to see the recent film version of The Tempest. There’s the Globe Hank IV:1.0. They also have 2.0. And, of course, there are all of the Shakespeare DVD collections. The old BBC ones are excellent.

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3. All of Glenn Gould’s television shows. Let me explain a little something about me and Glenn Gould. Earlier this year, I wrote an epic poem about him.


4. All of Wagner’s operas in one boxed set limited edition for his 200th birthday year is a thing that exists. I will sit and listen to them all. In one sitting.

5. Socks are always welcome. My two biggest needs are dress socks and winter socks. My ideal would be ones that serve as both, but I suppose that’s taxing reality to suggest. The choice seems to be to freeze on my bike ride or to look like an Alaskan Gold Prospector anytime my slacks ride up slightly.

7800176. Believe it or not, in spite of Stephen Fry being one of my favorite living human beings, I don’t own a single one of his books. I suppose the poetry one would be the natural starting point, but really any of them would be welcome. As would his television series about America for that matter.

7. You can pretty much go to the Oxford World’s Classics catalog and throw a dart at it to find a perfect gift for me. Their selection is right up my alley and their notes are excellent. If I could subscribe to their book catalog, I would.