Let’s All Write a Found Poem!

by Paul Mathers

Not to steal my own thunder, but I was not a fan of this form. First of all, it is preceded by “Foot” which is about a foot of a poem. Which is not a poetic form. It is a part of poetry. I can’t do a post about writing a foot.

And so, slightly annoyed, I turned to the next form. A Found Poem is a poem which you found in some other piece of writing and arranged the lines to make it look like a poem. I found something I wanted to use, decided that I didn’t want to reveal the source because it would color the interpretation of the piece too much, then felt as if it was plagiarism to not reveal the source. Then I felt as if the whole form kind of seemed like plagiarism to me. It is further unnerving to me to find that plagiarism is an immoral act that brings far more emotional distress to me than the thought of many acts that would be considered by many to be far more immoral.

So, in the end, the whole exercise left me exhausted and annoyed. Here is my found poem. You don’t need to know where I got it from. Please don’t sue me.

Found Poem

“by” Paul Mathers

“Over all these years, our attorneys have communicated.
We’re not buddies.
But, I mean, I have been in touch with him just a little bit by email.
Just personal stuff,
nothing worth talking about.”

She gives the impression she is protecting his privacy,
and, one imagines,
the fragile state of detente between them.

Has she sent him the book?
“No. I don’t know if he’ll read it.
I don’t believe he’s seen it. He’s a busy person,
so I’m not sure if it’s something that it’s important to him to get to.”
The tone of this –
there is no mistaking it –
is the deference that creeps into interactions with the famous.

It is alive, even now.