Birthday Weekend

by Paul Mathers

I want to write about my birthday weekend before I forget what happened. Last Saturday I turned 36. Laurie had a women’s luncheon in which they wore fancy hats and all brought different types of salads. This freed me up to write about Ancient Greece and mow the lawn. In the evening, Laurie made me a wonderful dinner (which included the remains of her wonderful salad) and a cake. I opened my present from my Mom which was The Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome by Paul Letarouilly.

923482_10151599233912340_998320600_n It is architectural sketches of the places mentioned in the title. The book itself is a work of art.

391041_10151599235007340_1100195016_n And, yes, I wore a Hawaiian shirt on my birthday. Because it was my birthday.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to hear members of the North State Symphony and members of various choral groups perform Vivaldi’s Gloria (as well as other choral pieces in similar veins). It was held at the First Lutheran Church in Chico. I’d never been in the building before and it had the usual Lutheran attention to architecture and pipe organs.


Here is what I saw if I looked directly upward from my seat.



The artists entered and I put my camera phone away. The piece was breathtaking.

On Monday, I received a package of a third present from my mother. Divers and sundry teas from Teavana! Two of Earl Grey Créme, My Morning Maté, something called Golden Monkey, Capital of Heaven Keemun, and Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Blend with Rock Sugar Sample.


I’ve been drinking My Morning Maté all week.