Let’s All Write A Concrete Poem!

by Paul Mathers

The Concrete Poem is a playful form in which the poet arranges words in a visual style as an alternative vehicle of communication. One might play with fonts, arrangement, and shapes to add to what is being communicated in the piece. It is integrating the graphic arts into poetic composition.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you cry. “Isn’t this the same as a Calligram? Haven’t we already done this?”

Well, let’s take a look at what Ron Padgett says.

Uh, as best I can make out, there isn’t all that much of a difference. There might be the suggestion that a Calligram is more like a poem in the shape of the thing (a poem about the Eiffel Tower in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and so forth). There may also be a suggestion that this is simply a more advanced evolution of the form, one that now integrates color and typeface.

Nonetheless, I found this to be fun to play with, even though I felt like it was a form that I was playing with again. I wrote two. You may need to click on the first to enlarge it to be able to read it properly.