Welcome, my old friend, Welcome to a foreign fireside.

by Paul Mathers

If you have found this blog independently of my previous blog, you can find my previous blog here: http://ticklemebrahms.blogspot.com/

In brief, I intend to do on this blog exactly the same thing I did on my previous blog, which is: to write about what I am reading in the Harvard Classics Library which I am currently about halfway through and intend to finish my the end of 2013, to write a poem in every form covered in Ron Padgett’s Handbook of Poetic Forms (I’ve most recently made it through the “chant” on my previous blog.  They are in alphabetical order, so we have a ways to go on that project), to post my weekly video on a topic (they post on Sundays), and the occasional post about whatever is eating me.

Welcome, all.  More soon.